“The Bear” Metabolic Conditioning Workout

If you’re looking for a simple – yet extremely effective – conditioning workout to add to your clients’ routine, I have the perfect solution.

It’s called “The Bear” and it includes just (2) movements that require minimal equipment.

Simply set a timer for 15 minutes (or any increment that you feel is appropriate for your clients) and have them perform as many rounds as possible of the following:

  • (15+5) Kettlebell Swings
  • 50′ Bear Crawl

The set up requires (2) kettlebells, 50 feet apart.  If you’re lacking kettlebells, you could also use a single kettlebell and have them crawl 25 feet away from the kettlebell and then 25 feet back to the kettlebell.

They will start by performing (15) kettlebell swings.  After dismounting the kettlebell, they then bear crawl 50 feet to the opposite kettlebell.  They will then perform (20) kettlebell swings and bear crawl back to the first kettlebell.

Continue for as many rounds as possible, adding (5) kettlebell swings each round.

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