Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) Kettlebell Workout

Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT for short) is a relatively new form of training, becoming more and more prominent in the group training environment over the past couple years.

MRT workouts are great for group training because:

  1. They are easy to organize
  2. They maximize fat loss AND muscle growth at the same time
  3. They stimulate the release of testosterone, a hormone essential for building muscle
  4. They help increase insulin sensitivity, and issue for many Americans

The typical MRT workout is organized as a circuit, alternating between upper body and lower body movements so that once muscle group can rest while the other is hard at work.  This allows you to minimize rest periods, which will in turn help increase Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC).  This is important because the greater your EPOC, the more calories & fat your body will burn post-exercise as it works to return your body to a steady state.

Though circuits are a great way to organize your MRT workouts, they are certainly not the only way.  The key, though, is to make sure that you’re not stacking exercises that use the same muscle groups, as you’ll want those muscle to rest & recover, while also continuing to train without large rest periods.

Below is a simple and challenging MRT workout that you can immediately put to use with your group training clients.  After taking your clients through a comprehensive warm up & mobility routine, here is what you’ll do …

Set a timer to count up, and have your clients perform the following circuit 4X through for time, making sure they prioritize form, range of motion and resistance over speed.

MRT Circuit: 40s work / 20s transition x 28 rounds (4X through)

  • 1A) Double Kettlebell RDL’s
  • 1B) Double Kettlebell Push Presses
  • 1C) Single Kettlebell, Front-Loaded Staggered Stance Squats [WEAK SIDE]
  • 1D) Single Kettlebell, Front-Loaded Staggered Stance Squats [STRONG SIDE]
  • 1E) Double Kettlebell Bentover Rows
  • 1F) Band-Resisted Pallof Presses [WEAK SIDE]
  • 1G) Band-Resisted Pallof Presses [STRONG SIDE]

Once all of your clients have completed this MRT circuit, have them do the following metabolic finisher …

Metabolic Finisher: 20s of work / 10s transition x 16 rounds (8X through)

  • 2A) Rotational Rage Ball / Medicine Ball Slams
  • 2B) Double Kettlebell Thrusters

Here’s what it looks like in action …

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