3 Things All Workouts MUST Have

When most trainers are prepping for a workout with their clients or athletes, the things they focus on tend to be exercise selection, order of exercises, types of equipment that will be used and what they want their clients to get out of the workout.

Believe it or not, none of these things are what the majority of your clients deem as the most important part of their workout.

ALL trainers should be able to put together a quality workout that emphasizes proper exercise selection, progressions / regressions, appropriate equipment and instruction of proper form.

So what separates the “GREAT” trainers – the ones with boatloads of clients – from the “OK” trainers?

I can tell you one thing, it isn’t the number of abbreviations behind someone’s name.  The general public has no clue what any of those letter even mean.

The 3 “E’s”

The 3 qualities that all “GREAT” trainers possess, and deliver to their clients, are energy/enthusiasm, empathy and external motivation.

If you’re a decent trainer, the majority of your clients / athletes should be coming from referrals.  With that in mind, think for a minute … how many times do you think one of your clients says to a friend, “you’ll never believe how great my trainer Joe is at showing me exercises that work my rhomboids!”

But, IF you’re a great trainer, your clients WILL be eager to tell their friends, family members and co-workers how much fun you are, how much energy you have, how much enthusiasm you possess for your craft and how great you are at providing the external motivation they need to make it to, and through, each and every one of their workouts.

The best part is, you don’t need to go get another certification, take another continuing education course or attend another workshop if you want to dramatically improve the quality of your workouts.

Beginning TODAY, just do these (3) simple things and within a few weeks you’ll begin seeing more and more referrals come your way …

  1. Greet ALL of your clients at the door before the workout with a smile, address them by their first name and let them know how happy you are that they’re working with you today.  After the workout, take the time to give ALL clients a high five or fist bump.  Each day select a couple new clients to talk with after the workout and get to know more about them.  Show them you care about them as a person and that you’re not just after their money.
  2. Bring ALL your energy to each and every workout.  Nobody wants a quiet trainer that never offers up words of encouragement.  Crank up the music, clap your hands, let the entire group know how awesome they’re doing and never, never, ever be the quiet and laid back guy/girl that nobody can hear.
  3. Challenge your clients in each and every workout.  This could simply be pushing them to squeeze out another rep, try an exercise progression, run a little faster, hold a plank a little longer.  Many times people are much more capable than they believe or than they give themselves credit for.  Get down on the floor and coach them through their last push up, run alongside them for their last sprint.

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